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The DREAM is the most difficult recording of my whole career. The song include four children’s choirs singing in English, Spanish, French and Russian plus a full 61-piece symphony. The album is a collection of original songs about Peace, War, culture, history, love and the front porch.



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THE DREAM is an original song about the Earth at peace.

It started out as a simple folk song, but it was too tiny for such a grand concept. The more I thought about it, the universal need for Peace in this world had to sound as grand as the universe itself. A full 61-piece symphony orchestra turns the song into a production as massive … and as simple … as the concept itself.

This is not a passive listen, you might take a few minutes, listen to the whole song with the volume high. There is a lot going on musically. Recording The Dream is one of the most difficult, gut wrenching projects I ever got involved with. I hope you come along for the ride





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Lyrics to THE DREAM


THE DREAM (for the PDF click here) words and music Michael Johnathon

copyright Michael Johnathon/Rachel Aubrey Music/BMI

Give me a day, when the sun is shining Give me a day, when the rain don’t fall Give me a day, when the city is singing And then I’ll cry, a long , hard cry

Give me a night, alone in the darkness Give me a night, at my true love’s side Give me a night, when my children are dreamin’ And then I’ll cry, a long, hard cry

(Noche en paz “Peaceful night”-SPANISH)

Give me a dream, that I wanna keep dreamin’ Give me a dream, I can fly through the sky Give me a dream, all the people are dreamin’ And then I’ll cry, a long, hard cry

(Miechta “Dream”-RUSSIAN)

Give me a war, where the people keep living Give me a war, where the innocent survive Give me a war, where the leaders are learning And then I’ll cry, a long, hard cry

Give me a tear, from the joys of laughter Give me a tear, of a happy day Give me a tear, of the peace that we’re after And then I’ll cry, a long hard cry And then I’ll cry, a long, hard cry

(La larme du monde “Teardrop from the eyes of the world”-FRENCH) (La Paix “Peace”-FRENCH)




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Dear PoetMan Records, Thank you so much!

I listened to your link, several times in fact, and am absolutely convinced that it needs to be shared with our listeners! Loved it, totally! I have been a huge fan of “Woody: For the People” as well, and, you may be interested to know that EVERY time I play it on my music program, I get enthusiastic calls and emails from listeners! I expect this new, gorgeous music will elicit similar response from members of our audience! Looking forward to receiving “The Dream”on CD, truly inspiring music for a weary world!

Gratefully, Mindy Heusel

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Hi Will,

We would be delighted to broadcast THE DREAM. Please send us on MP3 or WAV and a CD hard copy. Kind Regards, Mick

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The Dream is from this album, release date is August 2016


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